Design Projects

Sock it up! : A robot for people with physical impairment and for Older Adults @ Finalist – UIST Student Innovation Contest 2018


Older Adults (>65 years), Physically Challenged population (Amputee) or Population facing challenge to reach their feet, finds it difficult to wear socks and shoes. We aim to address this issue with design of a robot who can help mentioned population to complete this – day to day life task. Following Human Centred Design Process, we will take our users in each step of design, implementation and evaluation process. The findings from this study will provide insights from Robot – Older Adults/Amputee Interaction for complex tasks concerning this population for the UIST community.

TacTag: A clothing label for visually impaired people – Academic Project



This research focuses on common shopping practices and problems of the visually impaired. We incorporated focus groups, diary studies, observations and user interviews to understand troubles faced by the visually impaired, that include shopping for clothes and searching for what to wear. The results showed that they preferred a non-technical approach to identify clothes. We designed a clothing tag as a shopping aid. This tag represents various attributes of the apparel such as size, colour, apparel type, texture, brand and price. An initial evaluation with 8 visually impaired participants provides encouraging feedback.

Baby’s Guide  – A Universal Windows App


Every parent will find in this book, guidelines on their parental role and how to bring up their children as healthy and responsible future citizens of our proud Nation. Every aspect of the science and art of both preventive and curative aspects of Pediatrics has been dealt with in a reader-friendly and lucid language with scientific explanation. How to take care of the newborn right from the time of birth, how to feed it during infancy and child hood, about the vaccines that should be given to prevent vaccine preventable diseases at appropriate age, the importance of play and education etc… have been dealt with in a comprehensive yet concise manner.

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